Vibha Boston at IAGB Republic Day Celebration

Someone once said “From small beginnings, come great things”, and that’s exactly what we at Vibha Boston are determined to achieve. Our small but very energetic group made a successful and enthusiastic beginning at the 64th Indian Republic Day celebrations hosted by the IAGB (Indian Association of Greater Boston). This event presented us with the perfect opportunity to work together and showcase our energy. We set up our Vibha booth with full vigor and neatly presented brochures and posters. All the volunteers actively participated in talking to people about Vibha, its mission, projects and events. A small slideshow was arranged to be played constantly highlighting Vibha’s achievements. The main focus of the evening was to spread the word and enlighten people about Vibha and to encourage like-minded people and potential volunteers to become a part of the group.

The event brought out the patriotic spirit in people and everyone was celebrating India and its diverse culture. In accordance to the festive atmosphere, the team’s talented members decorated people’s hands with Henna that doubled up as a small fundraiser. As a successful outcome a good number of guests signed up to volunteer with us. The teamwork, enthusiasm to work for a noble cause and the response from guests to the Boston Chapter were significant milestones.


The Boston Vibha Team


Boston Volunteer Sowmya draws Henna art for an IAGB participant


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