Nine-year-old Rohan’s Hero Celebration

Nine year old Rohan Vasavada from Milwaukee shares his “Hero Celebration” project that he did in school.  Rohan’s precocious writing and presentation skills shine through in the article he wrote!

I am writing to share my Hero Celebration experience.  For the Hero Celebration, each student in my class picked a charitable cause to research and present about at the event.  The purpose of the Hero Celebration was to collect money, gather volunteers, and raise awareness for these causes. Examples of causes that people picked include HAWS (The Humane Animal Welfare Society), The Waukesha Humane Society, and The Hope Center.  I picked Vibha as my cause.


The Hero Celebration was set up like a trade show. Booths were set up for each cause where students would present. When people came to my stand, I would first give them some info on education problems in India, and then tell them about Vibha and the projects it sponsors (Doorstep School, Sikshana, etc.). I would end the presentation by saying "Make sure you check out the Vibha website and stop by the Milwaukee Action Center to volunteer".  By the end of the event, I had presented to at least 20 people and raised $20.00 in donations.  I learnt a lot about Vibha through the process and admire the work it does.



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