Vibha Volunteer Interview: Preethi Laksmi

1. Why did you join Vibha, and how long have you been with Vibha?

I joined Vibha to help the children in need in India. Since I am in the United States, it is difficult for me to work closely with the children in India by directly helping them out in the form of tutoring or spending time with them.  Vibha provides me a platform through which the efforts made here are put to a good cause for the children in India. I joined Vibha when I was in Dallas. I moved to the Denver Area in August 2012 and wish to be a active part of Vibha again.

2. What is your current role at Vibha?  Describe what you do on a periodic basis.

I am a part of the Vibha – Denver Chapter.  Since the Denver chapter has not had any activity for the past few years, I along with a group of four volunteers have been trying to get the Denver Chapter back into action. We are planning to conduct fund raising and Volunteer gathering events like setting up booths at the Marathons and other events in the upcoming months.

3. What is your favorite event/highlight of working with Vibha?

My favorite part of working with Vibha is that all the efforts that we as a group put in here are being used for the children in need in India and also at the same time helps the volunteers here build a good social network for a good cause. We recently had out first meet up and was real fun to meet the other Volunteers and get to know them.

4. What do you look forward to most for Vibha?

I look forward to organize events which can support a good cause and also to meet more people and getting to know them better to work as a team towards achieving the goal.


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