Vibha Bay Area–Dandia 2012: The best ever!

Dandia 2012

A Successful Comeback

Over fifty volunteers came together to put on another groundbreaking Vibha Bay Area event, Dandia on October 20 and 27, 2012 at the Centerville Jr. High School, Fremont CA. Even after a year’s absence, and despite multiple competitions, Vibha Dandia once again proved to be one of Bay Area’s best Dandia ever, through two completely sold out events. This success has enabled Vibha in educating 1,610 underprivileged children.

Behind Seamless Performance

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the co-operation, hard-work, and ceaseless enthusiasm of our volunteers in putting on a spectacular event this year. Volunteers new to the organization stepped up to take lead roles and did an exceptional job in delivering extraordinary results. Behind this seamless performance were present, tireless efforts of our veteran volunteers in coaching and encouraging the newcomers.

Months of planning

The Technology, Marketing, Ticketing and the Sponsorship teams along with the Event lead meticulously planned the execution processes months in advance and worked in unison to effectively promote the event. Our sponsors included, PNG Jewelers, SARA Fashions, Dhingana, Akraya and Jano India. PNG Jewelers, worked their way up to being Dandia’s Title Sponsor in our come back year as well. Community relationships were built through partnership with some of Bay Area’s local businesses. For the first time ever, this year, we leveraged Google fundraising campaign to raise funds for our cause.

Day of the Event

Vibha Dandia was planned for two nights with artists, Nitin Soni and Dimple Patel performing on different days of the event. The Day of Event execution teams included the Décor team, Ticketing, Parking, Sound and Lights team, Logistics, Photo Booth, Vibha Booth, Food Counter, Paan Booth and Dandia Sticks Counter. As participants walked in wearing their festive attires, volunteers even after putting in hours of work, greeted each one with a warm and hearty smile. Vibha patrons had a great time dancing to the sensational beats of the Gujarati songs.

Kids’ corner overseen by the Vibha Youth Chapter was a huge success this year. Kids colored their way through the night as they watched their parents dance in harmony, twirling and clapping their hands in sync to the music.

Make a difference…

Vibha Bay Area’s Dandia has been the event that has strengthened volunteer participation, learning and commitment. This strengthening has inevitably paved the way for Vibha to support 1,610 underprivileged children this year.

Do you wish to join us in being empowered, enabled and educated to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child? Do not wait any longer; we have great opportunities that can strengthen your skills, broaden your networks and get a whole new perspective on life.


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