Vibha Dallas September Question of the Month Responses

We have featured responses to the Question of the Month from Vibha Dallas.

Dear Vibha,

My favorite Vibha event is the Kite Flying Festival.  Each year, we go to Bob Woodruff Park and celebrate the idea of kites.  Additionally, this is a great community event where people from all over Plano gather and meet each other.  Even though this is only an annual event, there is one time each year, when all of the people driving by can witness more than 200 kites flying in the air, all concentrated in one area.  Each year, more people come to the festival, and they don’t necessarily know what Vibha is, so we have an opportunity to teach them what Vibha is and how they can help the cause.  This is one of the largest gatherings that Vibha has each year, and I am proud to volunteer for this organization.

Yours truly,
Rishi, 14

Dear Vibha,

My favorite event is the Vibha Kite Flying Festival.  I enjoy flying kites and fun with my friends.  I also enjoy being a part of helping out in the vent.  All of the kites flying up in the air fill me with joy.  The face painting and getting ready parts are also very fun.

Anjali, 10

Dear Vibha,

My favorite event is the Vibha Cricket Cup.  I love the suspense of the match, roar of the crowd, and playing with my friends.  Cricket is a fantastic sport and we should spread the word so the cricket bug can bite everyone!  The combination of having fun and helping children is unbeatable.

Arvind, 9

Dear Vibha,

My favorite event is Vibha Art for Heart.  I dance Bharatanatyam, enjoy art, and love to express my creativity.  Art for Heart allows everyone to share their beautiful art, and enjoy everyone else’s.

Ashwini, 9


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