A thrilling tournament: Vibha Dallas Cricket Cup 2012

Vibha Cricket Cup 2012 was an exciting and thrilling tournament with its many teams and nail-biting games.  Games started at 6:30 am instead of 8 because of increased participation. From Creek Hollow itself we had more than 4 teams rather than 2 as in the past. Many more teams means more people were introduced to cricket and playing this entertaining and fun sport! This year we had 2 state level players from India for the first time in the women’s team. It was a wonderful experience to have them here.

The winners and runner ups in each category were :

Men’s Champions: Rudra 11

Men’s Runners up: Challengers RED

Women’s Champions: Daring Divas (3rd consecutive title)

Women’s Runners up: IPL Champions

Senior Youth Champions: Indian Tigers

Senior Youth Champions: PYCC (Plano Youth Cricket Club)

Junior Youth Champions: RCB

Junior Youth Champions: Rough Riders

Daring Diva’s had a hat trick by winning the Women’s finals for third
timeMukesh from Rudra 11 was awarded being the best batsman, and Hemang also from Rudra 11 for having the title of best bowler. Bala who played for Challengers RED was awarded man of the series.

To improve Cricket 2012, we need to make sure that the cricket is more available to locals so everyone can try this sport and advertise the event more. Everyone needs to be exposed to the fun of cricket.

We had more teams participate this year than any prior years. and many more enthusiastic and determined players. People became more skilled at watching people and taking mental notes of good tricks of how a professional plays. Our team the Rough riders raised the most money by ourselves: $811. The total money raised via pledge pages for all the teams was $3,893:
which will provide education to many children in India!

Other financial statistics are listed below.

Total revenue: $15873
Total expenses: $3635
Net revenue: $12238
Please page revenue: $3893
Sponsorship: $6500
Registration: $5430

We are looking forward to this event next year.

-Anish Dave, 9, Vibha Dallas


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