“Three Cs” Make for Fantastic Bay Area Dream Mile ’12

The secret to the success behind the 1000 plus runners for Dream Mile this year was the power of team work. This is purely based on volunteers working collaboratively having only one goal in mind — helping underprivileged children.

Conviction, Commitment, and Consideration, the three ‘Cs’, drive our Vibha volunteers to deliver success year after year.

  • Conviction towards helping underprivileged children.
  • Commitment to any role or responsibility we undertake.
  • Consideration by valuing each other’s input.

Here is a snapshot of the workmanship behind Dream Mile 2012:

Website/Technology– To begin with, the Dream Mile website was made over to adorn a great new look. The winter cool colors would entice anyone to run the Dream Mile even in the hottest of weather conditions. Dream Mile banner fit well with the cool background and set the design basis for the Dream Mile T-shirt. Talking about the 2012 T-shirt, we had color for the very FIRST time. Yes, for the first time in many, many years. Event related updates were made periodically and promptly by this team.

Publicity/Social Media Marketing

Highlight: Publicity efforts yielded a record breaking number of 1000 plus registrations this year.

Guess what was the reason behind the huge turnout for Dream Mile? You got it right, its publicity. Fortunately, we had a great team and once again team work played a key role in our success. This year the active.com Schwaggle deal really boosted our half marathon registrations. We also publicized through other channels namely, email marketing, online postings in running clubs, free classifieds, active.com advertising, cross promoting, word of mouth publicity, and social media marketing.

This year we leveraged social media marketing to spread awareness about Dream Mile by cross promoting with other NGOs, and giving periodic updates and reminders of the event to volunteers and runners. Through cross promotions free airtime was offered in the WomenNow television talk show to showcase our event. We also ran Facebook ads that helped spread awareness of our cause and event.


Highlight: Raised $25,000 through registrations and reached a record breaking 1110 sign-ups with 950 runners on the trail on the day of the event.

This team was led by two of our volunteers who handled registrations for the very first time. Their efforts were so seamless that it amazed many in our team. There were a couple of new processes that were introduced this year, one was the two day pre-event bib pickup at two locations and the other was adding timing chips for each runner.

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Highlight: Through Dream Mile fundraising we managed to raise close to $40,000 that will help us support approximately 3500 children.

While Jano India, Canvas Info Tech, and Road Runner Sports supported us through their monetary donations, a few of our sponsors showed their support by making in-kind donations. Namely, Road ID contributed bibs and gift certificates, Dosa Bawarchi provided delicious Indian food, and Zico gave away free coconut water to our runners. Also, Sports Basement continued their support for Dream Mile this year. One significant achievement for the sponsorships team was to come up with a sponsorship kit that had a great new look and offerings to it. Despite facing minor challenges, the sponsorship team still managed to pave a great new path for Dream Mile next year.

In efforts to support more children, Dream Mile 2012 fundraising has been extended to July 15, 2012. Please make your donations at http://www.active.com/donate/DMBayarea2012.

Day of the Event (Sunday June 10, 2012 Hellyer County Park, San Jose, CA)

Highlight: Volunteer efforts gave way to great feedback from runners.

It was a cool morning in the beautiful Hellyer Park, while the sun was still waking up from a good night’s rest, the trail side lake shimmering in all its glory, and the early morning dew covering the grass, our Bay Area volunteers were all ready to take on the 1000 plus Dream Mile runners. All aspects of the event namely the registrations, logistics, food and carnival were covered. The carnival team which was led by the Vibha Bay Area Youth Chapter was also ready to entertain the Dream Mile kids.

To avoid delays, we had separate lanes for pre-registrants and ‘day of event’ registrants. Half Marathon, 10K and 5K races started at 7.30am, 8.00am and 8.20am respectively. Like each year, we had kids participate in the race as well. Our volunteers wished all our runners well as they got ready to begin their race. We also take pride in saying that a few of our Bay Area volunteers also participated in the Half Marathon run for the very first time and managed to finish the race.

Volunteers moved swiftly helping fellow volunteers and making sure all event processes were intact. As the last few runners crossed the finish line, our volunteer base shifted gears to begin the clean up process.

Some feedback quotes were:

  • Excellent, flat, shaded trail.
  • Well planned and organized event.
  • Well stocked and well placed water stations – there was one just when you were getting thirsty.
  • You must’ve spent more than what you get out of this event!
  • I am going to recommend this race to my friends
  • I do a few events (half marathons and marathons) per year, and I have to say this is by far THE BEST event I’ve been to.
  • I’ve never seen this many WELL STOCKED water stations ever!
  • I applause you guys for having Gu AND RIPPED bananas at every station.
  • Everyone was very nice and encouraging.
  • Nice trail, no lines, and no backups.
  • Got there, ran, got the shirt, and went home. Again next year!
  • Thank you for an amazing event! I’ll be back next year for sure!
  • Excellent organization!


So to sum it all up, we had a successful Dream Mile this year with $40,000 raised through fundraising, 1000 plus registrations, $25,000 raised through registrations and great feedback from our event participants. None of the above would have been possible without the three Cs, Conviction, Commitment and Consideration. This has served our Vibha volunteers as a great motivator to conduct Dream Mile each year and with the same zeal, if not more we’ll be back again next year to present to you, ‘The Dream Mile.’


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