Success story from HEARDS Project

Mubina with her three children
Mubina Taj has three children:
13 years old Kesar in 8th standard,
14 years old Gaushia studying in 9th standard, and 
15 years old Siddhik in 9th standard. 
Mubina’s husband is an alcoholic and had abandoned his family few years back when they were going through financial crises. As a result, her children discontinued their education and started working in the plastic factory, separating plastic from other materials.  
HEARDS’ intervened in this situation. Initially they faced a lot of resistance from Mubina, but after a hard fight managed to convince her to take their aid. To support her, HEARDS connected her to a self-help group and provided a generous loan of Rs. 3000 allowing her children to rejoin school.
 The school uniform and other educational materials were provided free of cost by HEARDS. Initially, they used to study in the government school but now have joined Thotapatyam School for higher studies. All three of them love to go to school, and are doing well in their studies.
Mubina hopes that they pursue higher studies and take up good jobs, allowing them to earn well, save for their marriages, and live happy lives.

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