A symphonic spectacle: A night with the Madras Chamber Orchestra

On the evening of the performance of the Madras Chamber Orchestra, an unforgettable spectacle could be seen at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Hall, Chennai, India.  Each musician was reputed, and all (but one: myself) had performed Oscar winning “Jai Ho.”  With an eclectic medley of musical masterpieces ranging from Indian Carnatic to Western Classical resonated with everyone.  The elegant gestures of a passionate conductor, a Frenchman by the name of Bernard Wacheux, directed the orchestra, 30 strong, revealing an immaculate execution and unreal fineness of precision.

A performance of “Jana Gana Mana”, India’s national anthem

A Vibha booth was set up and information was distributed. Overall, the endeavor was reasonably successful, with many people expressing interest in Vibha affairs.  Still, there is much room for growth – there are a plethora of artistic, cultural, and other types of events that Vibha could attempt to permeate.

Given the dynamic and massive population of India, different approaches could yield largely different results than we see in the U.S. – take the event “Art for Heart” for instance – simply organizing an event with a school could quickly accrue hundreds of entries, whereas in the U.S., soliciting interest sometimes proves difficult. With a reservoir of latent possibility in India, the opportunities are numerous for Vibha’s flourishing.

How can Vibha gain additional influence in India?  E-mail your thoughts to acganesh@stanford.edu.

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