2nd DC Spelling Bee 2012: Outstanding participation in a unique event


Vibha (meaning effulgence or radiance in Sanskrit), is a volunteer driven organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of underprivileged children in India and the US.  The DC Action Center organized the Spelling Bee 2012 event on March 4th at Nysmith School, VA for the second time.

Vibha DC commends Nysmith School for generously hosting and sponsoring the event.

We targeted young children from age group 6-11 and provided them with a unique platform to showcase their English language and vocabulary skills.

The Spelling Bee panel was comprised of an experienced professional team of three judges and two pronouncers that include: FCPS Principal Mr. Jason Pensler, Dr. Jessica Mcllvane, Dr. Sheela Modin, Ms. Nancy Grassman (former High School Teacher and Realtor with Coldwell Banker), Ms. Stephanie Konopa (former Spelling Bee Winner and Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Participant).

Hardworking volunteers of Vibha DC reached out to more than 10,000 people from Virginia and Maryland. 128 students from various schools registered, and roughly 200 parents showed up at the event.  There was great enthusiastic participation from the Indian American community and their children. The registration fees were also very insignificant, allowing the admittance of one adult for free along with every participant, thanks to the support of Sulekha.com.

There were 24 dedicated event volunteers who made this event a grand success.  Volunteers’ small children also engaged to help make a difference. High quality photography and videos were taken by Ms. Kumud Sharma.  Above all, Vibha DC salutes their generous supporters and sponsors.

Best of all, expenses were completely sponsored and there was 7 fold increase in registration compared to past year!

Our results illustrate the spectacular potential that the unique Spelling Bee event, although uncommon among Action Centers, has.  We encourage other branches to try to emulate this event!

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