“When Endeavor (Prayas) furthers opportunities…..”

Kasim and Arbaz in October, 2011, transitioned from their special class (exclusively taught by a special educator) to Preparatory (taught by regular educators). These children now sit with the normal children and slow learners in that class and study the syllabus designed for Preparatory by Prayas. Both these children are now considered as Slow Learners (SL) instead of Mentally Retarded (MR). With constant encouragement, attention and dedication of the educators, these children have achieved more than they and their parents had dreamt of. The parents and kids are extremely happy and feel Prayas has given the opportunities that the kids needed to explore their potential.

Prayas started in 1996, and works for mentally challenged, physically disabled and socially deprived children. Expanding education opportunities for children, creating better environment for them is the central goal of Prayas. Vibha supports Prayas’ school in Amargarh where there are about 140 children.

Prayas’ educators constantly work towards building curriculum which caters to the specific needs of the mentally challenged children. These children usually fall into 4 categories: Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound. Children in the Mild and Moderate categories, with proper help and training, can work quite normally in society and become self-reliant. Children in the Severe category may not be able to work but can learn to be self-sufficient in their daily activities. Children in the Profound category usually have to be helped. Thus, by providing the knowledge and skills required by these children, Prayas gives the opportunity for them to lead a dignified and self-reliant life, through economic independence in the long term.

Vibha is proud to be associated with an organization which has such in-depth knowledge of their children’s needs, and constantly works towards furthering their system and knowledge and implement effective education for these children.




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