HEARDS (Health Education Adoption Rehabilitation Development Society) successfully eradicates child labour from a Chittor Slum!

“India Shining” seems like a distant reality as it continues to host one of the highest numbers of child laborers in the world. Our country sadly has not been able to tackle child labor in spite of all the globalization policies which is supposed to be branding our country as a progressive and developed economy.

But at the same time, there are small achievements which are slowly taking reasonable steps towards eradicating this black mark from our society.

HEARDS along with VIBHA’s support is celebrating its success in 2011 as it has completely eradicated child labor in Thotapalyam area of Chitor (Andhra Pradesh).With the right guidance from VIBHA, commitment of well-trained teachers, and co-operation of the parents, HEARDS has consistently worked towards this seemingly difficult road, and mainstreamed many children into Government schools.

HEARDS has been consistently working towards eradication of poverty in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India since 1999. The main vision and mission of HEARDS is to eradicate child labor and to facilitate the holistic growth of every individual in the district via education, equality and liberation from poverty. The project covers children from the age of 5-14 covering grade levels 1 to 5.

Here we’d like to share one such story of Roshini who completed her 10th grade at Kasturba HS after being mainstreamed from the Thotapalyam center three years ago.  He scored 65% in the 10th boards and is now enrolled in “inter” at Vijayavani College with full scholarship for an EIT Lab Technician course.

Such success inspires us, and helps us to move forward with further determination to eradicate an evil which pulls down the real growth and progress of a nation.

And while we celebrate a success of this nature, let us look at what worked towards achieving this goal. The coordinators who relentlessly work behind these children truly understand the problems they face, and closely work with the parents and employers to broaden and change their outlook. This aspect has largely contributed to mainstreaming all the kids, along with, dedication of the teachers, adapting and implementing new and effective methods, ideas, and suggestions, and great relationship with local government schools.

VIBHA is honored to be associated with an organization with such determination and motivation. We hope to share many such success story in the coming year and make you – our patrons and volunteers- a contributor to such success stories!!

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