Vibha Volunteer Conference 2011 – Day 1 Part 2

by Chinmayi Bhavani Shankar

The second part of Day 1 of the conference involved with all the breakout groups presenting their solutions to the three buckets of issues that were presented to them by the executives. After a rigorous Q&A to understand what each solution is aiming to address, the group evaluated all the proposals and decided to adopt parts of each group’s solution.

  • Plan of Action for Execs:
    • Board to visit the Action Centers frequently
    • Board mentors the ACCs
    • Board to define the roles and responsibilities for the different AC roles and communicate it to them

Other action items and next steps that were assigned to specific volunteers were:

  • Compile, publish, and publicize success stories
    • Helps in aligning the ACs with VIbha’s overall goal and presents a bigger picture of the impact that Vibha is making
  • CFC program needs to be “fixed” to be made more effective (specially in the Bay Area and Dallas)
  • ACs to be grouped regionally and have executive mentors
  • Action Center Project Ownership Initiative as an experiment for the next year:
    • Action Center will be the ultimate contact for the project
    • Action Center volunteers will be more involved in the project calls and be more informed
    • Project Lead involves the Action Center
  • Every Action Center should limit the number of events to no more than two events per year and use the additional time, resources, and energy to focus on programs and develop the Action Center and the volunteers and promote programs

Day 2
Sunday has started off on time with a very impressive and innovative presentation by Samir Patel focused on Vibha’s Growth Strategy and specially the idea of Vibha-U (Vibha University). Looking forward to the keynote speaker’s address and the rest of the day of more ideas!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne

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