Pragati ’11 – Just for laugh :-) Part 1

This series of posts brings live action from Pragati ’11 – a two day project wide conference being organized by Vibha in Pune, India

Volunteering, besides giving us exposure to ground breaking work being done at grassroots and a platform to connect to like minded people, also helps us make new friends and enjoy little things that matter. Below are certain light moments shared by volunteers and participants during the first two  days.

Mangal Pandey at full strech - Jai Ho!!


Ron going Ramdev Baba way


I believe I can fly....


Bonding over a cup of tea (People you were supposed to be inside the hall :-|)


Yeh dosti.....


Mera no.1


There's something fishy about the speaker!!


Sri Sri Mukesh ji's knowledge transfer session with girls


Ron filling up on Indian delicacies.. Beware of the impending paunch Ron


This session sure is interest...zzzzzzzzzzzzz


No hard feelings people. Will be putting my pics too (you wish!!). Cheers

Credits – Bhairavi, Priya and Alija, Volunteers with Vibha Pune.

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