Vibha Dallas volunteer power !

We don’t realize the importance of doing small things until there is a big result. A good example of this is what our Dallas volunteers achieved by setting up regular and consistent booths. An action center that was facing volunteer crisis last year, around this time, has done a phenomenal job and turned things around with persistent effort from the ACCs and their team.

The effort resulted in a significant increase in volunteer strength, but something more happened. One of the popular Indian stores in Dallas, India Bazaar started carrying Vibha’s name on their grocery bags along with 3 other organizations. This was one of the bigger grocery stores that probably dispenses around 700-800 bags or more on the weekends. They have mentioned Vibha as a fine Non-Profit and have urged people to visit our website. They have also listed Vibha as one of the beneficiaries on their website recently. The important point to be noted here is apparently none of the team members went and requested for them to print Vibha’s name on their bags. The grocery store guys put our logo and also added Vibha to their website on their own. Here is the link

And how did this happen? The regular booths by the Dallas volunteers in front of both the branches of India Bazaar for the last several months did the job!!! The printing of our name in the grocery bags will really make Vibha a household name and spread the word about our cause. This is definitely a great motivation and an example for all of us to realize that persistent efforts never go in vain. Great job Dallas ACCs and volunteer team! Vibhascope thanks Lux, project director for sharing this inspiring story with us.

One thought on “Vibha Dallas volunteer power !

  1. Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund says:

    It’s the small things that count! Helping those in need is such a rewarding experience. Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund needs volunteers to support chronic disease patients. Visit our website to learn more about our volunteer opportunities!

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