Get to know Parag Bhoyar

1. How and when did your Vibha journey begin?

It was the summer of 2008, when my wife introduced me to Vibha. The ‘Vibha-Cricket Carnival’ was scheduled for August 2008 and a small team of volunteers in Milwaukee were busy planning and working towards the event. I thought I can contribute a little and I volunteered to develop some publicity material for the event. Although, I was aware of Vibha activities in Milwaukee, I was not involved in many of them. Soon I started enjoying the work and the company of the group of newly found friends.

 2. What was the main motivation behind becoming a Vibha volunteer?

Bringing smiles in the life of underprivileged children is a great cause. But being able to work towards this cause just by continuing what I love to do was a greater opportunity that Vibha gave me. I couldn’t have used my skills for a better purpose.

3. What do you like the most about volunteering with Vibha?

The fact that I can give my time and effort for a worthy cause and help someone out gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction and I like this the most about volunteering with Vibha.

 4. Tell us about your experience of working with fellow Vibha volunteers.

It has been a great experience working with an awesome group of people who make me feel I am part of a fantastic team. Each one of them is motivated to work towards the cause and that inspires me every time I see them volunteer.

 5. How was your first Vibha event? Did you take the lead for any event (if yes) then how was that experience?

Although, ‘Vibha-Milwaukee Cricket Carnival’ was my first Vibha event in the summer of 2008, I was not able to participate on the event day and I was only able to help for the publicity of the event through publicity designs. ‘Vibha-Vibe’ was my next event and I was very excited. The event was scheduled in the winter of 2009. I was meeting many fellow volunteers for the first time but I never felt new while working together. At the end of the event, the positive feedback from the audience & participants was very satisfying. The event was a great success and left a significant mark for all of us to remember. I did not take a lead for any of the events for Vibha-Milwaukee till now. However, I would definitely consider such an opportunity in the future.

6. Tell us about an incident that made you feel extremely satisfied with your contribution to Vibha.

I remember it was after the ‘Vibha Vibe’ in March 2011. I was running around at the end of the event. Everyone was happy and busy wrapping up stuff & taking pictures together. One lady came to me and started praising the show. “I really enjoyed the show,” she said. “I know how much effort it takes to put up such a show. I must say that you guys are doing amazing stuff. “It wouldn’t have been possible without supporters like you,” I smiled with appreciation. She continued, “I really admire you guys for what you are doing for poor kids. I liked the presentation for fundraising… especially, the part where they showed the value of a dollar to a poor kid. I would certainly think about it before I go to ‘Starbucks’ next time,” she smiled. “I would really like to contribute to this cause” she paused. Someone from behind was calling my name for the group photo and I waved at the group on stage and turned back again to the lady.“You should enjoy the moment with your friends, am proud of you guys.” she said and started walking towards the door. It was a very proud moment for me. Those words of praise & appreciation meant a lot to me and really made my day.

 7. What is that one thing you would say to encourage someone to become a part of Vibha?

I feel very fortunate that I had such a lovely childhood with all those beautiful things & moments that I always cherish and those are always the best days. Not every child is fortunate to get those best days and you can help him or her through Vibha.

8. Tell us three things you have learnt from your volunteering experience with Vibha?

I learned a lot during my 3-year journey with Vibha. Most importantly – learning from my own mistakes, team work and taking criticism positively.

9. Who is your role model?

People working towards any good cause are my role models. Many of them are around me and they inspire & motivate me to do good work.

10. Tell us more about yourself and your hobbies and interests.

I am a doctoral student at University-Milwaukee working in the field of Ergonomics and also working with a local firm in Wisconsin. I like to travel and explore new places. I love doing sketching and paintings. I also enjoy photography and creative stuff. I work on graphic designs of publicity & marketing materials for Vibha-Milwaukee.

 11. What is your message to fellow Vibha volunteers?

Guys, I praised you a lot throughout the interview… you can pay back when I see you next time…. 😉 Jokes apart… I have learned a lot of things from you … keep inspiring !


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