A Good Deed Every Day

– Dilip G and Harshad Parakh

Scientists claim that doing good deeds helps you lead a happy and content life. Monetary contributions are one such well established way helping those in need. A carefully chosen and well thought contribution not only epitomizes generosity but leads to a more satisfying giving experience due visible results on the ground. Vibha, in our mission to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of underprivileged children, hopes to create avenues for such fulfilling experience of giving.

Have you or your group of friends been wanting to donate to a project close to your home town in India or thinking of contributing towards specific project like one that helps children with special needs or one that brings quality education to door steps of underprivileged child.  Vibha Beneficiary Program (VBP) is designed for individuals or organizations who wish to make a contribution to a Vibha project of their choice while leveraging Vibha’s project identification and monitoring experience build over last two decades. Our rigorous project selection matrices, annual monitoring reports and direct communication with those working at the grass-roots level ensures that the donors’ hard earned money is put to best use, and they get a first-hand experience of their positive impact on the lives of children in need.

Many individuals and organizations have chosen the Vibha Beneficiary Program over the years to bring about a positive change in the life of thousands of deserving children. Here is a story of few of them..

Steve Kupetz has been supporting Janmadhyam, a Vibha project that reaches out to the disabled, especially girl-child from marginalized sections of society, since the inception of VBP program in 2005. His generous contribution goes towards the teacher training program at Janmadhyam-Sahayog. As a result some former students have now become trainers themselves and are much more confident and capable due to the training. While his relationship with Janmadhyam has grown over the years and he often visits them and directly interacts with people on ground, he was also impressed initially by the quality of Vibha’s project monitoring reports.

JanMadhyam: Joy!








JanMadhyam: cooking preparations …














Angiras Foundation, based in Dallas Texas, is a charitable organization dedicated to providing opportunities to economically disadvantaged students, mainly in India. In January 2010, they chose to support two Vibha projects RMKM (Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal) and Prayas with a $15,000 contribution. A year later, in early 2011 they renewed their support with additional $20,000 specifically to those two projects. Mrs Urmila Bhargava, a member of the leadership team at Angiras, finds working with Vibha volunteers a refreshing experience. While she is full of praise for the projects that do the amazing work on ground, she is also impressed by Vibha volunteers addressing the queries from our patrons and serving as a link to the projects.
Vibha is thankful to Angiras Foundation, who have paved the way for a bright and fun filled future for those with special need.

RMKM: Girish's grandmother showing new caliper












RMKM: children at the sports event









Prayas: Children busy learning geometry









Prayas: Special class for special children
















Mr. Viswa Santhanam & Ms. Usha Santhanam have been VBP patrons since 2007 and contribute every year to Vidyarambham project for preprimary and remedial education for children in Adyar, Tamil Nadu. Vibha beneficiary Program has provided them a reliable way of ensuring the funds are put to good use and every year, the come back and continue to support a project that is now close to their heart.

In early 2011, Tibco, a software & business solutions company chose the Vibha Beneficiary Program to make $5000 donation towards Vibha’s Door Step School project  http://www.doorstepschool.org/], which literally brings school to door step of children of migrant communities, especially the labor work force in construction industry. Tibco’s contribution will support three of the 40 Vibha funded non-formal education and balwadi’s at construction sites and also further the concept of child-friendly-builder that DSS & Vibha are trying to promote.  

These are some of the stories and relations Vibha has helped build between the patrons and projects on ground. Fore more information visit www.vibha.org/vbp

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