Arvind Menon’s Vibha journey !

How and when did your Vibha journey begin?

In early 2009, I was looking for local volunteer opportunities and found Vibha’s website. I found out that the local action center was conducting their monthly meeting and I decided to attend.

What was the main motivation behind becoming a Vibha volunteer?

I feel that I am privileged to receive the education that I did and believe that every child should have the opportunity to get a good education. I found that Vibha’s mission matched what I wanted to give back to society.

What do you like the most about volunteering with Vibha ?

I enjoy being in the company of like minded individuals and having fun while doing something meaningful.

Tell us about your experience of working with fellow Vibha volunteers.

We have a multi-cultural group of volunteers at our action center and each of them are invaluable in their own way. I have made several friends who I look forward to meeting and working with.

How was your first Vibha event? Did you take the lead for any event (if yes) then how was that experience?

My first Vibha event was the ‘Bowl-for-a-child’ event in 2009. I was amazed at how professionally organized the event was, and how the efforts of all the volunteers counted. Since then I have been a part of almost all the Vibha Minnesota events.I was one of the leads of the Dream Mile in 2010. Taking that up seemed like an enormous task and responsibility, but made me realize how powerful it was to work as a team.

Tell us about an incident that made you feel extremely satisfied with your contribution to Vibha.

I have not been able to visit any of our projects in India yet, but the first time I saw a video on the “Alamb” project I felt a huge sense of satisfaction at the fact that the work we do here makes a lot of difference in the lives of under privileged children in India.

What is that one thing you would say to encourage someone to become a part of Vibha?

I would tell them that at Vibha, the work we do really counts, and helps make a difference. Also, the results are out there for us to see.

Tell us three things you have learnt from your volunteering experience with Vibha?

The things that volunteering with Vibha have taught me are how to work with a team of people with different skills, ideas and opinions; how to plan, organize and manage tasks; and also that volunteering can be a lot of fun.

Who is your role model?

My Mother has been my greatest inspiration. I believe that there is no task she cannot accomplish, and this motivates me to give my best to whatever I take up.

Tell us more about yourself and your hobbies and interests.

I am a researcher at the University of Minnesota and work in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. I love the outdoors and enjoy a good hike or bike ride. I love to read and I follow several blogs related to gadgets and technology.

What is your message to fellow Vibha volunteers?

We have been given the opportunity to better the lives of many children, and if we continue on this path, we can impact the lives of more people. So, keep up the good work!


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