Your opportunity to make an impact

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in getting associated with the Vibha supported projects. There are multiple opportunities that you could choose from depending on your level of interest.
Projects and Fund raising are both critical and interlinked and every volunteer should be closely associated in one way or the other with these projects that make the ground impact. One of the projects team member will be there to assist you on an individual basis and can help you get started. Please send your nominations to
Co-ordinator – Project Visit/Project Proposal:
Committment Required :
– Reply to emails and coordinate volunteer/patron visits to projects.
– Reply to the different proposals that vibha receives requesting for funding (we have standard replies already available)
– Average time required : 1-3 hours/week
How does it work:
Volunteers or Patrons email Vibha asking for details on how to visit one of the Vibha supported projects. The project visit co-ordinator needs to reply to them with details about the project contact in India and also to the corresponding vibha lead in US.
Once, the volunteer/patron come back from India, need to followup with them to get a project visit report along with photos/videos.
Project Liaison:
Committment Required :
– The person would be the liaison between Vibha and the particular project in India
– Need to keep periodic contact with the project and see how they are doing and how vibha could help them further
– Would also be handling the entire project renewal process and discuss with the other volunteers of the project team
– Average time required : 1-3 hours/week (it could be a little more in the beginning when you are learning more about the project)
How does it work:
We have several projects scattered around different parts of India that we support. Few of the projects need active leads who could be the primary point of contact. We have a very good handbook that gives full detail of what he/she needs to do. We also have lots of documentation and expertise within our volunteer base. Once someone is interested, a member of the projects team would definitely walk with them every step until the person is convinient handling it alone. Its probably one of the most interesting role since its also the closest we (in US) could get to grass root involvement.

Coordinator Project-Xpressions (Patron Newsletter) Writeup:
Committment Required :

– Are you interested in writing? If yes, then this is the perfect role for you. As you know the marketing team releases the xPressions newsletter every month. One of the key highlights if this newsletter is the project write-up. We would like interested volunteers to take the task of working on the project part for xPressions.
– Work with the marketing team on getting the project write up well on time.
– Average time required : 10-15 hours/month (you can spend time at your own pace)
How does it work:
The marketing team has a list of projects already selected that they would be featuring in the upcoming months. We have a lot of documentation on each project available on our share facility (plus a lead for each project). The coordinator for this role would work very closely with the individual project lead and the xPressions team, and come up with a small draft writeup each month. Its just couple of paragraphs – but a great opportunity for anyone interested in writing but wants to start off slowly!!
We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested, please send an email to If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to

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