DSS Updates

Vibha has been supporting Door Step School(DSS) for the past few years. In 2010, Vibha provided over 65K in funds to DSS. Vibha’s involvement with DSS is not just limited to funding though. Vibha also provides guidance and innovative ideas to DSS.  Vibha volunteer Mukesh recently visited DSS and some of its sites to carry on efforts in this direction. Following are the highlights from the meeting:

  • Better monitoring –  Vibha currently receives a single report every six months from DSS, that contains information on all of its centers. During this visit Vibha suggested that they send a monthly one pager  report per location containing the following details:
    • Names of kids
    • Teacher’s name
    • Learning level of each kid
  •  Scaling – DSS currently has 40 Vibha funded sites. Vibha has agreed to fund 40 additional sites in 2011.
  • Vision for the future – Vibha envisions a Franchisee type model for DSS for its exponential expansion over the next 5 years. Vibha will bring other NGOs to adopt the model. The plan is that starting in April 2011; Vibha will reach out to other NGOs and gauge interest. In the meantime, DSS will start documenting their process and create training material and training plans for the  NGOs. Vibha will coordinate and fund the meetings and the training, after which the NGOs will look for a site.  The hope is that the franchisees will start a new site by April 2012 thus helping grow DSS’s mission.

As can be seen, Vibha is not just content with providing funds to cure a social evil. Vibha wants to provide a long lasting solution. Vibha sees itself as a cure disburser, not just a funds disburser. Afterall Vibha is a group of social entrepreneurs and as Bill Drayton (CEO, chair and founder of Ashoka) put it “Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”


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