Update on Gram Vikas Trust-Sikshana joint venture – Letter from Zankhana Patel

Dear All Friends,

This is to share with you all on how the joint venture of GVTSikshana is shaping up: 

The GVT – Sikshana venture took off with a simple inauguration function on 22nd December. Mr. Ramamurthy had an in-depth interaction and discussion with the GVT and the govt school staff on the concepts and the salient features of the Sikshana model. According to him, the attitude of the school teachers and the zeal and enthusiasm shown by the students were very impressive which is the result of the good work put in by GVT till date.  This will be followed by Prasanna and Sikshana resource person’s visit to GVT in the next month to cover TQM (Total Quality Management) concept and for finalizing the activities in the field commensurate with the budgeted program. We all are very hopeful to see some impact of Sikshana on these selected schools even before the end of the current academic year.

One more exciting news:

New Life (one of our Outreach Workshop participants) from Trichirapalli, TN got reconnected with Sikshana to explore a possibility of replicating Sikshana in govt schools of TN!

Getting inspiration from the workshop and the school visit, New Life continuously persuaded (since July, 2010) the different levels of the government officers in the education department of TN seeking the Govt permission to adopt the Govt schools many of them in a very pathetic stage.

Finally, New Life received the Govt. order permitting New Life to adopt the government schools in Trichirapalli district of TN. With this facility, New Life is now willing to adopt the model of Sikshana. 

Congratulations to Sikshana, GVT and New Life…

With this I wish all of you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR…

With regards,
Zankhana Patel


One thought on “Update on Gram Vikas Trust-Sikshana joint venture – Letter from Zankhana Patel

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