Vibha Highlights for 2010

— Ron Victor

Given that its been a tough year for most of America, and we’re all still recovering from the recent economic melt-down, it’s a fabulous achievement and we, the volunteers of Vibha along with our fellow 39 social entrepreneurs sincerely thank you! You made this possible and this is what gives us the energy to continue doing what we do, i.e. ensuring every underprivileged child achieves his or her right to education, health and opportunity. Yes – it’s a right! And yes – you enable that right – Thank you!

Stats for 2010:

  1. Number of underprivileged children directly positively impacted: 53,879 (48,419 in India and 5,460 in the US)
  2. Number of social entrepreneurs / projects funded: 39 (34 in India and 5 in the US)
  3. Dollars raised to-date: $654,686
  4. Dollars Disbursed to-date: $456, 846
  5. Target disbursal for 2010: $498,220
  6. Target to be raised in 2010: $670,086

2010 Highlights made possible by you:

  • Sikshana, a Vibha project scales to impact 400 government schools in India; with the ability to reach over 1200 government schools in multiple states across the country, in the near future. This includes reaching out to schools in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and other parts of India in addition to Karnataka public schools.
  • Door Step School, Vibha project has provided non-formal education to nearly 62,000 children of migrant workers across Pune and Mumbai.
  • Yahoo Employee Foundation re-invests in Vibha’s efforts by extending a grant of $30k for the academic year 2011-2012; validating Vibha’s model of lasting, scalable, replicable change.
  • Vibha voted to Top 200 charities in Chase Community Giving Drive raising $20K.  Visit for more information.
  • For the first time in India, 23 social entrepreneurs from all parts of the country use Vibha as a platform to, share, learn and begin to implement Vibha’s scalable education programs across India.
  • Vibha teamed with Mahiti to conduct IT workshops for our partner NGOs. Through 4 workshops held in Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, 34 social entrepreneurs begin to leverage the Internet and technology we take for granted, towards impactful social programs.

    Training in session
  • Atlanta Action Center hosted its biggest Dream Mile in 12 years raising more than $100K with more than 1500 participants and 175 volunteers. Washington DC Dream Mile more than doubled its growth since its inception in 2009.

Whether volunteering for Vibha, or making a donation, each one of us can make a difference towards bettering the lives of deserving children. Visit for more information regarding our projects, or to join Vibha volunteer force.  Visit to make a donation.

We at Vibha wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2011, and hope we can continue to make 2011 an equally memorable and successful year.


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