“What inspires you ?”

When I entered the room for my first ever Vibha meeting, I was very nervous and excited. I honestly expected a bunch of serious looking people discussing Vibha plans in a corporate conference like fashion, but I was pleasantly surprised! All the people in the room had a smile on their face, cookies and snacks were being passed around the table and everyone was so comfortable with each other. Though I felt as if I was intruding a gang of friends catching up with each other, I immediately felt at home. All my nervousness vanished and I was welcomed by the group with such great enthusiasm as if I were a special guest. There was laughing and talking alright, but amidst all of this, they were definitely discussing serious business. I learnt a lot about Vibha that day.

What attracted me to volunteer with this wonderful organization apart from the cause that I wanted to be a part of, are the people. Vibha is completely, a volunteer driven effort, and the commitment that every volunteer brings into the organization is simply amazing. Being an NGO, one of the main challenges faced is accountability from its volunteers. It is a challenge for most people to put something they do voluntarily on top priority, over and above workplace commitments and family responsibilities. The drive to work for the cause and participation in Vibha’s activities has to come naturally from within each volunteer. At Vibha, volunteer ideas are well received and respected, and our efforts are genuinely appreciated. Every small volunteer achievement is celebrated by the group as if its their own. What more can drive and motivate a person to do their 100 % than to know that they are being appreciated?

Every meeting, every event is a learning experience at Vibha. Team work, commitment to the cause, professionalism in the organization of every single event, leadership qualities, people management, the takeaway list is just endless. What we are able to do, to bring a difference in the lives of several underprivileged children, that too sitting thousands of miles away from home is just tremendous. I am proud to be a part of Vibha and for me the inspiration to keep going comes from every single Vibha volunteer.





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