Projects Team – Volunteer opportunities

The projects team at Vibha is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in getting associated with projects as Project Lead and few other important roles. This is your chance to take the initiative and get involved in exciting new ways with projects. For a Vibha volunteer in the US, this is the closest you could get to the grass root level of involvement. Contribute with your time and skills and take up an important role. Be a volunteer and you can be that change you want to make.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Project Liaison:

Commitment Required:

– The person would be the liaison between Vibha and the particular project in India.

– Needs to keep periodic contact with the project and see how they are doing and how Vibha could help them further.

– Would also be handling the entire project renewal process and discussions with the other volunteers of the project team.

– Average time required: 1-3 hours/week (it could be a little more in the beginning when you are learning more about the project)

How does it work?

We have several projects scattered around different parts of India that we support. Few of the projects need active leads that could be the primary point of contact. We have a very good handbook that gives details of what he/she needs to do. We also have lot of documentation and expertise within our volunteer base. Once someone is interested, a member of the projects team would definitely walk them through every step until the person is comfortable handling it alone. It’s probably one of the most interesting roles since it’s also the closest we could get to grass root level of involvement.

Co-ordinator – Project Visit/Project Proposal:

Commitment Required:

– Reply to emails and coordinate volunteer/patron visits to projects.

– Reply to the different proposals that Vibha receives requesting for funding (we have standard replies already available).

– Average time required: 1-3 hours/week

How does it work?

Volunteers or Patrons email Vibha asking for details on how to visit one of the Vibha supported projects. The project visit co-ordinator needs to reply to them with details about the project contact in India and also to the corresponding Vibha lead in US.

Once, the volunteer/patron come back from India, the co-ordinator needs to follow-up with them to get a project visit report along with photos/videos.

If you are interested in working with us please email us at You can also contact us at


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