“From Hope To Reality One Child At A Time…”

“From hope to reality one child at a time.” This line really struck me when I first heard and learned about Vibha. What is it that Vibha is doing? What should we say to someone who does not know what Vibha is? I thought about it long and hard when I first got involved with Vibha and what to say when we are at informational booths and even as to when there are new volunteers that ask you… “What is Vibha and what do you do?”

“From hope”… Vibha’s vision is to ensure that every underprivileged child attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity. Vibha’s mission is to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child.

There are so many humanitarian things in this world that we can get involved in. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your background is… there is always a need that we can all find to contribute some good towards. Something as simple as time can make a difference in so many lives. The vision of helping children get their basic needs met makes it all worth wild. Education, health, and opportunity… that is not too much to ask for. We need YOU. We wish to influence you… and we need your input.

“To reality”… The hope of making a difference in children’s lives and also influencing others to make this movement reality is why we do what we do. When you see it with our own eyes what you have accomplished as a team, that is when it really puts into perspective the impact of the things you’ve been doing.  We are like a wave ! It feels really great to pull through fundraisers, booths, and informational events about Vibha. It feels really good to see fellow volunteers from our own organization visit numerous projects in India as well. That really accounts for a lot and the reports are astonishing. The pictures are really touching… and many of times… it makes you want to do even more. As a fellow volunteer that is following up on local beneficiary, I can state from my own personal experience and opinion that it is indescribable the feeling of self satisfaction for knowing you are making a difference. Local beneficiary projects and India projects all are the same, its children’s lives that we are touching and its people here on the home front for some of us born and raised here, and also home front for many of those that are from India that are volunteers. If you see a child in need… do you first take a look at the color of their skin to see if you want to help? I would hope not. A child is a child anywhere. The reality also is that it also makes you realize yourself as a person too, what you are capable of doing and the lives you can touch.

“One child at a time” If we wait until tomorrow to do something… that task will also wait to get done until tomorrow. Lets not wait to help these children get their basic needs. In the thoughts of watching and hearing about the recent health camps that was set up in India and the never yet before chapters opening up in India, it was great to see footage’s of all the fellow volunteer mates literally around the world do things on a personal level with children there. Its amazing to read and get news letters from all over US chapters what everyone is doing as well and get ideas. One child at a time we are making a difference.

Over 190 projects we have touched, over 15 action centers we are moving, over 400 volunteers we are growing !


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