Vibha on TV October 2009

Vibha recently got an invitation from Manjula Gupta who runs the TV show “Chai with Manjula”, to talk about our mission and vision, our fundraising, and the projects we focus on. On behalf of the Bay Area, I accepted her invitation, and recorded the session with her on Oct 15th.

The show is available at this link – http://www.chaiwith media/Vibha. html

We are extremely thankful to Manjula for giving us this opportunity to get some valuable air-time and join other non-profits in the Bay Area on her program. She invites a variety of interesting guests and primarily focuses on their philanthropic achievements.

The 30 min episode will be aired in the month of November across 14 regional TV channels – http://www.chaiwith schedule. html .  It will also shortly be available on YouTube.

About the show:

Chai with Manjula (CWM) is a nonprofit organization created to promote philanthropy and giving. Their mission is to raise awareness about philanthropic initiatives, to enable potential donors and beneficiaries to connect with these nonprofit initiatives, and to inspire more people to get involved and give in some way. Please visit them at www.chaiwithmanjula .com

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