When a Cyclone Strikes …

An area blighted by seasonal floods encountered one of the worst during the waning days of May 2009.  Destroyed crops, salinated fresh water ponds, breakout of communicable diseases, short supply of medicines – such are the dire circumstances in the coastal areas of Sunderbans, West Bengal, India today.

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Cyclone Aila hit the coastal areas of Sunderbans from May 24-26, 2009 and left about 2.3 million people affected in India.   Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha (BTS’s Sishu Tirtha & Green Buds – Child Care Centres), one of the Vibha supported projects for the past five years was hit especially hard. The gushing flood waters broke river embankments and flooded a large area of coastal Sunderbans. Thousands of people were stranded without a home, food and clean drinking water. An area already remote, poorly accessible, and in need of better education, healthcare, and other essential services has been further devastated by the cyclone’s wrath.

Responding to the tragedy, Vibha has committed a minimum of $10,000 for relief efforts, and the first installment has already been sent for immediate relief. Please lend a helping hand to these communities in distress. All funds collected through the link below would be used exclusively for BTS Cyclone Aila Relief efforts. We are constantly monitoring the progress and the ground relief efforts that are taking place in Sunderban region. We will keep you posted of the efforts in this Vibha supported project at www.vibha.org/floodrelief.

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Please donate and forward  this URGENT request to all your colleagues, friends and families.


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