Vibha Denver Nritya 2014

Vibha Denver was happy and proud to present their first fundraiser and awareness event in 2014, called Nritya. Nritya was a collaborative showcase of Indian classical dance forms. It aimed toward unity in diversity.

Nritya received a great response, having both Indian and American audience. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated the performers and the event efforts.

Vibha’s mission and projects were presented during the event. An informative video was played before commencing the event and a video was playing during the break.

Nritya was successful in generating a whooping $3000 revenue through ticket sales, donations, sponsorships and vendors. Vibha Denver learned a few lessons during the event to improvise during our next event.

Project lead: Hemangi Shah
ACC: Vinod Ravindran

nritya1 nritya2

Vibha Atlanta’s Annual Cricket Cup

Find out more about Vibha Atlanta’s annual cricket tournament in this coverage video by TV Asia.

Vibha Milwaukee and Friends at The Color Run

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The Power of Persuasion and Reaching Out to the Community for help always works.  Recently Vibha Milwaukee had the opportunity to volunteer at The Color Run in Milwaukee on July 6th 2014.  The Color Runs – also called the Happiest 5K is a big international running event conducted in 30+ countries and all big cities in US with over 9000 runners participating in every run.

Such big running events already have their set of registered charities that they support and we wanted to have Vibha on their list.  It all became possible only when one of our volunteers Aruna Talapatra – who is a professional photographer – became the official photographer for the Wisconsin Color Runs.   Aruna used her contacts with the race directors to register Vibha Milwaukee and because of her efforts – The Color Run invited 10 Vibha Milwaukee volunteers to help at the Finish Line and in return The Color Run promised to donate $40 per volunteer to Vibha.

Once we were IN – the next effort was to get 10 volunteers on a long weekend.  Most volunteers were out of town and it almost seemed like we would lose the opportunity.  In an act of desperation – we started to post our pleas on different forums on Facebook and volunteer walls requesting for help.

And Help Did Come!!!

We started to get overwhelming response from friends, sponsors, people who have been to past Vibha Events. It was simply Fantastic!!! It showed that we are not alone in our efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children. There are many many more like us who step up every time we need help – be it funds, time, support or spreading our word to the next person.

On July 6th – we had 12 people who showed up early in the morning to volunteer J Even though it was early and a very hot day – everyone volunteered with lot of enthusiasm, they were marking runners bibs, cheering, handing out color packets, managing the influx of runners at the finish line. It was truly a happy day where we got to throw colors at each other in the end!!!

Overall a great day of volunteering full of fun, camaraderie, gaining some awesome volunteers and receiving $400 to Vibha.

Thanks to everyone who participated – you guys Rock!!!

Adopt a Project: Make a Difference, See the Difference

Dear Vibha Patrons,

Thank you for being a champion for the cause of underprivileged children.  Today, we have some exciting news for you.  We all are well aware of the myriad problems children face and how we would like to change the situation for good.  However there is always a trust issue when it comes to donation.  Often times people are concerned if their money is being used for the right purpose and not squandered. A lot of you have asked if you can direct your donations to a project of your choice and also be involved more with a project.  All these led us to to create a new platform Adopt A Project. With great pleasure, we invite you to be part of this initiative and Make A Difference, to See The Difference.


Adopt A Project

Adopt A Project gives you the following features:

  • Choose your cause and donate to a specific project pre-screened by Vibha
  • Fund raise for a specific project by setting up campaigns
  • Invite friends and family to support a project that you are passionate about 
  • Receive reports from projects you have supported 

Please take a moment to visit Adopt A Project If you happen to make a donation and we hope you do, please post the same on Facebook and invite your friends and family to use this platform. Please share your thoughts about this program by sending an e-mail to

Thank you very much for your continued support to Vibha and the cause of underprivileged children.

Leena Ghosh

Vibha Chief Operating Officer

Vibha Boston joins forces with Eagle Cricket Club to raise funds

Despite freezing limbs, borrowed gloves, wet socks and no source of heat, 15 volunteers gracefully braved the chilly winds and successfully raised money for our noble cause. It all happened on a Sunday morning of April 27th when Vibha Boston volunteers organized the first ever “Six-a-side” Cricket tournament on Wrentham fairgrounds in partnership with Eagle Cricket Club. 10150617_10152339632102910_6377156090092793987_n

There were 16 cricket teams consisting of around 112 players. Two matches took place simultaneously on either side of lush green ground.  High-spirited teams played for the glory rather than attaining the 1st prize trophy and cash prizes.

The response and support of everyone involved was amazing and provided the warmth necessary for that chilly day, lifting up volunteers’ spirits. Lastly but most importantly much thanks goes to our sponsors, Eagle Cricket Club, India Café Restaurant in Nashua, MA and Hitwicket Bar. The winning team got gift vouchers from Hitwicket and India Café provided us discounted food items that we were able to sell to the players and audience to reach our goals.

We raised about $1100, more than the original cost for organizing the event. Kindhearted donations came from two young children with lemonade station, raising $41 and donating it to Vibha. The $250 cash prize that was given to the winning cricket team was donated to Vibha as well.  The first fund raising event from Vibha Boston turned out to be great success!



Vibha’s Emtec Story


“My summer holidays are getting over, Dad, and I am tired of moving from one place to another.  Can I please go to school at this new place?  What is this place called?” 

That’s a question that a typical child of a construction worker asks.  Door Step School (DSS) focuses on providing education to children of migrant workers.  Vibha’s association with Door Step School has been historic and we’ve been consulting, funding, and enabling Door Step Schools for about a decade.  More than 50,000 USD has been donated to DSS in 2014 alone!  This project is just an example of what motivates Vibha Volunteers, and what makes us conduct brilliant fundraising events month after month, year after year.  Right now, in the lovely monsoon weather, Vibha Bangalore volunteers are planning The Dream Mile 2014.  Part of the volunteer effort being planned and executed is to visit corporates to educate them about the work Vibha is doing.

OnJune 6, the publicity team had an opportunity to speak to the employees of Emtec.  The primary objective of this meeting was to let Emtec team know details of The Dream Mile event scheduled for July 6, 2014.  The interaction was great, and many of the logistical questions about the run were addressed.  The greater part of the discussion, though, was about what Vibha does, what drives its volunteers, and what the biggest differentiating factors of Vibha are.  Emtec employees also keenly listened to project examples, and the challenges Vibha is working to address.  Some of these projects include Shristi Special Academy & HEARDS.


Emtec demonstrated good willingness and participation by registering more than 40 of their employees for The Dream Mile!  They even donated toward Vibha’s cause.  However, from the Bangalore team perspective:  “More volunteers signed up for the team!” In our view, time is the biggest contribution anyone can make.   By increasing the strength of their team in double digits, the team is on Cloud 9!  Emtec’s HR management even showed willingness to have all their employees contribute 16 hours of their time annually as part of their CSR policy.

Thank you Emtec!  Welcome to the Vibha Family!

Vibha Atlanta’s 11th Dream Play

Dream Play 2014 Chess

In its 11th year, Vibha’s Dream Play, a one-of-a-kind chess and table tennis tournament, delivered a memorable event, once again. With a few major changes and the same excellent standard of execution as always, Vibha Youth put on a highly successful experience for its ever-commendable cause.

Dream Play 2014 Volunteers

Known for its determination to help underprivileged children in India get access to healthcare and education, the volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization known as Vibha makes leaps and bounds in India thanks to the hard work of donors and volunteers all over the world. The Atlanta chapter continues to lead these efforts and make us proud by evolving as an organization every year. This February Vibha Atlanta kicked off the year with the Dream Play led by Vibha Youth.

This year, the Dream Play took place in two separate parts with the chess tournament and table tennis tournament on separate dates. As the event has multiplied in size over the last few years, the organizers decided to keep the events separate on different dates and at different locations. With over 315 participants, this change was well received by participants and spectators alike. Other changes included a more tech-savvy approach to planning, thanks to the influence of the youth volunteers, with more successful electronic publicity, online volunteer signups and online registration than ever before.

Day One of Vibha Atlanta’s Dream Play 2014 took place at South Forsyth Middle School on February 1st. Participants ranged from age 5 to age 59 and partook in four rounds of chess organized by Steve Schneider, the head coach of Championship Chess, and managed by Keith Sewell. There were three unrated categories based on age. The first place winners of our 2014 competition were Aditya Gutha, Nikita Savant, and John Amin in the categories K-3, 4-12, and adult, respectively. As with Vibha’s commitment to improving the quality of the tournament, this year the Vibha rated tournament made it onto official chess tournament calendars as a legitimate, worthy tournament, not just a fundraiser. With three rated categories, avid chess players competed to determine the overall tournament champion. The first place winner of the under 500 category was Kunal Manish. For the 500-999 category, the first place trophy was awarded to Akshadha Lagisetti. Finally, the overall tournament winner and the winner of the over 1000 category was Eeshwar Potluri. With many extremely talented players and a high level of competition, the final standings were extremely close with many ties that had to be broken with automated tie-breakers.

Day Two of the tournament took place at the Atlanta Table Tennis Academy in Johns Creek on February 9th, a week later. Dream Play 2014 TTFor the first year, this tournament took place at an actual table tennis facility to make the competitors enjoy the competition atmosphere even more. To maintain the high standard of structure that Vibha has had for years, Archana Athalye of Archi’s Table Tennis Club played a pivotal role in planning and execution of the event itself, making players feel both comfort and structure in the tournament. Due to the large number of young people that wanted to participate, in the junior’s singles category there were three difficulty/skill levels. The first place winners were Sritheja Chennabhotla, Viraj Rangnekar, and Atharva Athalye in the basic, intermediate, and advanced categories, respectively. The men’s singles first place winner was Krishna Venkatesh while the women’s singles first place winner was Indu Vishwakarma. Men’s doubles was won by Sanjay Ponkshe and Ajay Aphale. Finally, the first place trophy in mixed doubles went to Krishna Venkatesh and Indu Vishwakarma.

Written for Vibha by Neeraja Sarda (Atlanta’s Vibha Youth)


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