This Diwali…light a “Diya” of hope for Priyanka…


A father who abandoned her and her family of her mother, 2 brothers and one sister (who was abandoned by her husband)…. Priyanka dreams a good life for herself and her family. With a meagre income and every day struggles, Priyanka was encouraged by HEARDS (Health. Education, Adoption, Rehabilitation Development Society) to join one of their centers for 2 years and successfully was mainstreamed into a Government school in 6th Grade. Priyanka is now doing her Bachelors in Commerce, and hopes to work for the Banking sector. Her dream was to be a Doctor, but the financial situation made her compromise with her dream, but nevertheless she is motivated to build a good life for herself and help other- she helped 2 children out of child labor!!

Founded in 1999 Health Education, Adoption, Rehabilitation Development Society (HEARDS) has consistently making efforts to eradicate child labor, and supporting child rights, through sustained and well-focused programs. Vibha has been partnering with HEARDS since 2005 and one of the programs alone, located in Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), has made a difference to more than 300 children!

While you light your “diyas” of hope, happiness and health, take a minute to consider lightening up the lives of many such young children like Priyanka, who have dreams, yet to be fulfilled….

Donate to light a ray of hope this Diwali…..HAPPY DIWALI!!!

To donate and learn more about our programs and project, please visit,

-Written by Mahua Chatterjee

Vibha Atlanta Dream Mile 2014 – A historic success!

10616328_360032667485127_7699183111338278208_nThe 16th annual flagship fundraiser of Vibha, a not-for- profit organization, focused on childhood education and health, the Dream Mile, 2014 saw more than 1700 participants, organized at the upscale lifestyle shopping destination, The Collection at Forsyth. This was by far the hugest turnout of participants for Dream Mile, coming together for one single cause- to educate, to empower and to enable, every child who deserves an opportunity. A new feather in the cap for Dream Mile this year was the USATF Certification of the 5K route and it thus became a Peachtree Road Race qualifier.

The efforts of more than 200 volunteers included, middle and high school students who are part of the youth wing of Vibha, popularly known as Vibha Youth, and their hard work showed in the smooth organization and execution. Vibha volunteers started their day at 5AM to finalize arrangements for the course set up, parking, food and drinks etc. on the site. By 7AM the place was buzzing with activity on several fronts – registrations, children’s activity center, and booths by several partnering organizations. The metro Atlanta community have made Sept 20th, 2014 a memorable day when they took the challenge of raising over $170K for the cause of underprivileged children, and the zeal and enthusiasm was inspiring. This year Vibha Atlanta also witnessed a phenomenal corporate initiative by the employees of Paramount Software Solutions, by way of Employee Contribution fundraising for an amount of $10,000- an effort for which Vibha team was extremely touched.

Mr. Pramod Sajja, President, Paramount Software Solutions and Title Sponsor of the Dream Mile kicked off the 10K Run , Mrs. Namita Tirath, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pyramid Consulting did the honors for the 5K Run and Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Manhattan Associates kicked off the 5K Walk.

Speaking on the event, Kishore Krishnan, Coordinator of the Dream Mile 2014 said, “Vibha has been consistently and single mindedly working towards childhood development specially focusing on their education and healthcare. We have been elated and encouraged about the growing participation of the community with every year in Georgia. This year’s overwhelming response has been of extreme encouragement for us, the volunteers, who have worked so hard to see this day!”

Vir Nanda, Chief Guest of the occasion gave away the prizes to 10K runners and also the awards to Volunteers. Anoop Sinha was honored with Sumathi Mahajan Volunteer of the Year award for his dedication and hard work. Khushboo Sarda was the recipient of the Youth Volunteer of the Year award and Vikas Movva for his long standing contribution to Vibha. Sanket Mehta, a youth volunteer for Vibha since the 5th grade, received the STAR Volunteer of the Year Award and the President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award. Rohan was also awarded the STAR Volunteer of the Year Award. Srinivas Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO, Vensai Technologies, Ram Ganesan, President & CEO, Datum Software, Ramesh Maturu, Co-founder and President Pyramid Consulting and Pramod Sajja, President, Paramount Software Solutions gave away the prizes to winners. Eddie Capel, CEO of Manhattan Associates felicitated the Sponsors Ram Ganesan of Datum Software and Prasanth Kollipara of Bytegraph productions with a Plaque for their long standing contribution.


Ravi Narayan finished the 5K Run (Men) with an impressive timing of 22:06 mins, followed by Mark Morawski who finished the race in 24.01 mins. In the Women’s category Natalia Beinenson won the 5K Run who finished at 25:55 min, followed by Samhita Mallavarapu at 26:36 mins. The 10K Run (Men) winner was Sergio Torres who finished at 39:04 min and was followed by Adam Patten at 39:49 mins. In the Women’s category Rysper Sirma finished the 10K Run at 44:59 mins, who was followed by Niral Solanki at 49:10 mins.

The 5K Walk (Men) winners were Sanjay Saggere finishing at 37:24 mins, followed by Manikandan Gangadhar at 37:33 min, while in the category Veena Bhat at 39:43 mins was the winner followed by Manjiree Sreekumar at 40:03 min.

The detailed race results are available with the timings at info/atl-results.

Give the Gift of Hope


Diwali means “Festival of Lights”

The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Vibha’s mission resonates with Diwali where we are focused on bringing victory to the aspirations of the underprivileged children in India and US and giving the ‘Gift of Hope’ over despair.

On the eve of Diwali, Vibha is kicking-off its year-end campaign:


In 2014, thanks to your participation in all our fund-raisers, we raised close to $750K. Let us take it to $1 Million by the end of the year!

Last year, we made a promise to you that we will support more children. We are excited to share that we have selected 4 new projects – Eklavya(MP), Samavesh(MP), Apna School(UP), and Saath(Gujarat) and  scaled up CORP(Mumbai) and GSK(Rajasthan). This is in addition to the projects we are supporting in AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Delhi, and Maharashtra.

Through 25 projects, we currently support 45,000 children with their education, vocational training, and health care needs. With your help, we have brightened the future for these children.

Together, Let us support 15,000 more children!

Let us make a new beginning – with the “Gift of Hope” on Diwali !


 -Written by Mahua Chatterjee

Vibha Benificiary Program

We are frequently asked by our patrons and donors if their donations can be dedicated to a particular project. The answer is Vibha Beneficiary program. Through this program, an organization or an individual or a group of individuals can dedicate their funds to a project of their choice, thus “adopting” it.

Organizations, Corporations and Individuals can choose a project in an area which aligns with their mission or charter and designate it as the beneficiary of their donation. The whole project or a portion of it can be funded.

To be eligible for this program, the following minimum requirements apply

  • contribution of $2000 by an individual or a group of individuals
  • contribution of $5000 by organization or a corporation

What will Vibha provide?

  • Project evaluation/selection – Vibha employs a very rigorous process while selecting projects to ensure that the project’s work aligns with Vibha’s vision and that it is non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory.
  • Project monitoring (on a half yearly basis) – One site visit per year by the Vibha Project Monitoring team is guaranteed. Half yearly reports will be provided based on updates from the project. Vibha volunteers visit projects and generate reports. These will be provided to VBP patrons as and when available.
  • Facilitate direct communication between VBP patron and project through e-mail (subscription to some mailing list infrastructure like yahoogroups/googlegroups). This group will be restricted to members only.
  • Help with coordinating site visits by a VBP patron upon request from the patron.
  • Mention on Vibha website (on this page)

Donor Benefits

  • Project evaluation/selection/monitoring is taken care of by a trusted organization working in the area of child development since 1991. As of January 2008, Vibha has successfully supported 165 child development projects in India and 10 in the US.
  • Patrons have tight control of how their contributions are used which ensures that their hard earned money is benefiting exactly who they want it to.
  • Patrons get to interact directly with the project, thereby get a first hand experience of their positive impact on the lives of children.

Vibha Denver Nritya 2014

Vibha Denver was happy and proud to present their first fundraiser and awareness event in 2014, called Nritya. Nritya was a collaborative showcase of Indian classical dance forms. It aimed toward unity in diversity.

Nritya received a great response, having both Indian and American audience. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated the performers and the event efforts.

Vibha’s mission and projects were presented during the event. An informative video was played before commencing the event and a video was playing during the break.

Nritya was successful in generating a whooping $3000 revenue through ticket sales, donations, sponsorships and vendors. Vibha Denver learned a few lessons during the event to improvise during our next event.

Project lead: Hemangi Shah
ACC: Vinod Ravindran

nritya1 nritya2

Vibha Atlanta’s Annual Cricket Cup

Find out more about Vibha Atlanta’s annual cricket tournament in this coverage video by TV Asia.

Vibha Milwaukee and Friends at The Color Run

V__2E44   WP_20140706_004

The Power of Persuasion and Reaching Out to the Community for help always works.  Recently Vibha Milwaukee had the opportunity to volunteer at The Color Run in Milwaukee on July 6th 2014.  The Color Runs – also called the Happiest 5K is a big international running event conducted in 30+ countries and all big cities in US with over 9000 runners participating in every run.

Such big running events already have their set of registered charities that they support and we wanted to have Vibha on their list.  It all became possible only when one of our volunteers Aruna Talapatra – who is a professional photographer – became the official photographer for the Wisconsin Color Runs.   Aruna used her contacts with the race directors to register Vibha Milwaukee and because of her efforts – The Color Run invited 10 Vibha Milwaukee volunteers to help at the Finish Line and in return The Color Run promised to donate $40 per volunteer to Vibha.

Once we were IN – the next effort was to get 10 volunteers on a long weekend.  Most volunteers were out of town and it almost seemed like we would lose the opportunity.  In an act of desperation – we started to post our pleas on different forums on Facebook and volunteer walls requesting for help.

And Help Did Come!!!

We started to get overwhelming response from friends, sponsors, people who have been to past Vibha Events. It was simply Fantastic!!! It showed that we are not alone in our efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children. There are many many more like us who step up every time we need help – be it funds, time, support or spreading our word to the next person.

On July 6th – we had 12 people who showed up early in the morning to volunteer J Even though it was early and a very hot day – everyone volunteered with lot of enthusiasm, they were marking runners bibs, cheering, handing out color packets, managing the influx of runners at the finish line. It was truly a happy day where we got to throw colors at each other in the end!!!

Overall a great day of volunteering full of fun, camaraderie, gaining some awesome volunteers and receiving $400 to Vibha.

Thanks to everyone who participated – you guys Rock!!!


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